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Advanced composite materials have strong demand in civil area

In 2015, the global civil sector demand for carbon fiber 66760 tons, compared with 2009 21210 tons growth of 214.76%. Among them, since 2009, the demand for carbon fiber has increased significantly in areas mainly wind power, molding plastics, pressure vessels and automobiles (structure and body). In the field of wind power, molded plastics, pressure vessels, and automobiles (structures and bodies), the demand for carbon fiber from 2009, respectively, from 7060 tons, 5300 tons, 1280 tons, 1800 tons, rose to 2015 of 37580 tons, 7700 tons, 7250 tons, 4000 tons, the growth rate of up to 432.29%, 45.28%, 466.4%, 122.22%. In the field of energy, advanced composite materials can be used in wind power, carbon fiber composite core wire, sucker rod, lithium battery and other products. In the wind power field of the blade (6 tons to tons), fairing, cabin cover, and other applications, advanced composite materials mainly play a role in reducing weight. As the composite core conductor, the carbon fiber composite has the characteristics of large load flow, light weight and low sag.