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Current situation of glass fiber industry

China's glass fiber enterprises after years of development, product quality has been at the upstream level, the proportion of deep-processing products to improve year in,. China's glass fiber industry's leading enterprise gross margin between $number, significantly higher than the foreign giants 10% gross margin. The world glass fiber industry has long been an oligopoly pattern, China as the new forces, after the annual average of more than 20% capacity growth rate, is expected this year will occupy more than 60% of the world's share, become the international glass fiber market on the neo-oligarch. China's glass fiber industry in recent years, the rapid development of power from domestic and foreign two of the market pull. The expansion of the international market, both the overall demand growth factors, but also from the international enterprises in the early period due to low profit margins, to the domestic enterprises in the international market left the development space, while the domestic market growth, is from the downstream consumer industry rapid development. After more than 50 years of development, China's glass fiber has been quite large. Compared with the international, our country glass fiber product variety specification is few, the application scope is narrow. But these circumstances also show from another angle, China's fiberglass industry still has a large number of market space has not been excavated, especially in some applications, many market segments have not even been developed.