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Fiberglass Carpet Tissue

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Shape: Fiberglass Mat

  • Glass Composition: E-Glass

Fiberglass Carpet Tissue/Mat

Glass Fiber Wet-laid Process Tissue Mat

Fiberglass carpet/flooring tissue/mat is mainly used as substrate for carpets, floor, and wallpaper flexible membrane, which characters the smooth appearance and non-shrinkage performance. It is an ideal material for the decoration of residential ground.
Main Features
1. Uniform thickness, steady frame.
2. Smooth surface, less wool yarn.
3. Anti-high-temperature, non-wraping and non-rotten performance
4. Easy to composite with PVC, etc.

Product Code Thickness(mm) Binder Con≤tent(%) Longitudinal Tensile Strength(N/5cm) Transverse Tensile Strength(N/5cm) Air Permeability(m3/.s)
S-DT(B)-0.3 0.3 ≤25 ≥120 ≥80 ≤4.5
S-DT(B)-0.4 0.4 ≤25 ≥140 ≥110 ≤4.5
S-DT(B)-0.5 0.5 ≤25 ≥180 ≥140 ≤3.8