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Main classification of glass fiber wet felt in China

(1) Roofing mat is used as base material of waterproof material, such as modified bitumen waterproof coil, color asphalt tile and so on. (2) pipe felts are used in oil and natural gas pipelines to prevent corrosion of underground pipelines by combining with asphalt. (3) surface felt glass fiber reinforced plastic products, the shape and surface polishing. (4) veneer felt for wall and ceiling, can prevent the cracking of paint, orange peel, more used to decorate large conference rooms, high-end hotels. (5) Floor mat is used as base material of PVC floor. (6) Carpet mat used as base material of square carpet. (7) Copper clad laminate felt attached to CCL can enhance its punching and drilling performance. (8) The battery baffle mat is used as the base material of the aluminum acid battery baffle mat.