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The top priority of fiberglass composites industry

The industry-wide positive action, in response to the president's proposed supply side reform policy, to resolve excess capacity, meaning that the removal of backward production capacity in the glass fiber composite industry, although the pool kiln capacity has accounted for 90%, after all, 10% of the ball kiln, crucible method needs to be compressed and removed. The existing technical level of the pool kiln still needs to be improved, in the "Thirteen-Five" planning has clearly pointed out that the three big pool kiln Enterprises as the representative of the Research and development team, in the high melting rate of large-scale pond kiln production line design, glass raw material testing and formulation development, the technology innovation and integration of the wetting agent modification and recovery, the development of the big drain plate and the platinum loss, the intelligent construction of the production line and the recovery and utilization of the waste heat, the pilot work has been carried out in Taishan fiberglass, so as to promote the continuous improvement and improvement of the domestic pond kiln technology. Breakthrough industry Development bottlenecks: glass fiber composite materials as a part of emerging industries, still small weight, not yet formed a real sense of the scale of industrialization, then restricting the development of industry bottlenecks? At present, the main problem lies in the late implementation of the thermoplastic technology products, the present process and equipment is only LFT, its production and application speed, although it is growing, but far from the formation of large-scale. Association actively "go out", has been related to the foreign hot plastic manufacturers to communicate, and strive to abandon the original thermosetting products, with 5-10 years of time to keep up with the international development trend, the realization of the breakthrough in the thermoplastic process.