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Best Alternative Material For Glass Fiber

China's glass fiber industry in recent years, the rapid development of power from domestic and foreign two of the market pull. The expansion of the international market, both the total demand growth factors, but also from the international enterprises in the early period due to low profit margins to exit the industry, to domestic enterprises in the international market left room for development. And China Glass (600176) industry and enterprises just right to grasp the historical opportunity, achieved a rapid development, after more than 50 years of development, the domestic fiberglass industry has been quite large, and emerged from the Boulder group, such as a group of strong, competitive enterprises, including Stonehenge in 2008 to achieve the Chinese enterprises to become the world's first glass fiber production of new breakthroughs. China's fiberglass industry development of the fastest stage is the "Eleven-Five" period, 2007 China's glass fiber production 1.6 million tons, in advance of three years to complete the "Eleven-Five" planning goals. China's glass fiber industry capacity expansion, thanks to the global market for glass fiber demand growth, as well as domestic science and technology innovation, technological progress and other major achievements of strong support. "Eleven-Five" period of advanced soda-free pool kiln drawing technology to speed up the process of large-scale enterprise, the national glass fiber enterprises have more than 200, of which the pool kiln Enterprises 20, glass fiber deep-processing enterprises more than 100.