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Carbon Fiber Products

There is no such thing as a carbon crystal, nor is it used in technical terms. Carbon Crystal is just a manufacturer's own name for the needs of product promotion. In the state-level electric floor heating technical data and industry standards, there is still no carbon crystal to find a warm view. The heat body material is different. Carbon fiber is the heating body, is the carbon fiber as the conductor material. It is a new type of electrical, thermal, and mechanical material that has a greater strength than steel, is smaller in density than aluminum, is more corrosion resistant than stainless steel, is more resistant to high-temperature than heat, and can conduct electricity like copper. Products are widely used in aerospace, sports equipment, medical equipment. Carbon Crystal, simply said, carbon crystal products are carbon particles as conductive materials, adding adhesives to suppress a plate. The production of this product does not require any high-end technology and patents, but also for this reason, the domestic only in one night will emerge more than 10 of factories out. The use of electromagnetic interference and pollution, no dust, no noise. Heating up quickly: this product heats up for 1-2 minutes immediately; Economy: The product positioning for the general public price cheap and affordable, not only to buy money, use also save money, electricity conversion to increase 30% (relative metal fever), and can automatically regulate temperature.