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Characteristics Of Fiberglass Tube

Fiberglass products have: light weight, high strength: its proportion is 1.8-2.1g cm, only one-fourth of steel, transportation and construction installation is very convenient, compared with plastic products, its strength is 10 times times the plastic products, so lightweight high-strength FRP pultruded products are the salient features. Corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life: pultruded FRP products are capable of acid, alkali, salt, some organic solvents and other corrosive erosion, anti-corrosion in the field of the advantages of other metals can not be compared, and has a good water resistance and anti-aging, so whether in corrosive environment and harsh open-air, humid environment operation, its service life of up to 15 years. Good security: pultruded FRP products have excellent electrical insulation, non-magnetic, no electric spark, and can be based on user needs for fire-retardant treatment. Good impact resistance, good design: pultruded FRP products allow repeated bending without permanent deformation, with good impact resistance and fatigue resistance. In addition, it can be designed according to customer requirements of different sections.