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Durability Considerations For Composite Materials After Repair

How long will the composite be durable? This answer can be said to be decades long, but this requires appropriate protection, for example, after the glass fiber material has been repaired for 50 years of use records, of course, this is in the face of environmental erosion in the case of adequate protection to achieve the results, these environmental erosion include: high temperature (infra-red radiation) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation will erode the resin and fiber humid environment, if the fiber is not prior to the airtight performance of a good coating or the mold is not full, will be eroded The best measure to withstand high temperature and UV radiation from fuel or petrol, hydraulic fluids, antifreeze, acidic substances, coating bleaching agents, and other solvents is the use of UV inhibitors to properly protect the surface layer of the repair coating, so that the formation of the surface bright color is sufficient to reflect infrared radiation. A study conducted in the 1970s showed that the surface temperature of a black coating could be 115 to 120 (29 Shan to 35 Shan) than the ambient temperature. High-temperature professional resins and binders must also be used to repair the area near the exhaust pipe or other high-temperature sites. Current corrosion also needs to be considered, such as the direct contact with the aluminum layer of carbon fiber will show rapid aging, especially with the bolt repair, need to carefully choose the use of the fastener.