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Non-alkali Glass Fiber Cloth By Fiber Classification Of What Kinds

Alkali-free glass fiber cloth variety, classification based on different types of different. Below, the small part to tell you about according to the glass fiber appearance classification, glass fiber cloth what kind. Continuous fiber: This alkali-free glass fiber cloth is an infinite continuous fiber, through the leakage plate method, through the pull system, and then after the textile processing, can be made of glass yarn, rope, cloth, belt, roving and other products. Fixed length fiber: This kind of alkali-free glass fiber cloth is limited in length, generally between 35 centimeters, but sometimes can also be longer, such as felt piece of the application is long fiber. In addition, there are rods of wool yarn, a roving, etc. can also be made into wool yarn or felt piece. Glass wool is a staple fiber with a short length of fiberglass. Form Fluffy, similar to cotton, it is also known as short cotton, mainly for insulation, sound absorption and other uses. In addition, there are short cut fiber, hollow fiber and other types.