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Present Situation Of Global Glass Fiber Production

According to the French Saint-Gobain group recently reported that 2006 of global glass fiber production of about 3.2 million tons, including enhanced thermosetting plastic with about 1.28 million tons, enhanced thermoplastic with 896,000 tons, textile with 514,000 tons, wet-process thin felt with 510,000 tons. According to foreign reports, in recent years, global glass fiber annual increment rate remained around 5%, of which the United States 2002-2007 is 2.5%, Europe is 4%, Asia is 7%, China is 10%. If the annual growth rate is measured, then 2010 years of global glass fiber production can reach about 3.9 million tons. Foreign glass fiber World is very wonderful, the product is changing, dazzling. Now has more than 5,000 varieties, more than 60,000 specifications for use in electronics, communications, construction, chemical, metallurgy, nuclear power, aviation, aerospace, weapons, warships, travel and marine development, genetic engineering and other High-tech fields, it can be said without exaggeration, its "footprint" has been up to nine days "," the next five Ocean "catch turtle", has become the world's 21st century indispensable sustainable development of high-tech functional materials and structural materials. It is reported that the current global glass fiber production is growing at an annual average of 16.2 million tons, varieties and specifications in the annual average growth rate of 1000-1500 kinds of rapid development!